How to Create SEO Audit Report Without Any Tool

  • These are few steps to create SEO Audit Report without using any tool
  • SSL certificate
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Website Speed
  • Google Search Console Report
  • Google Analytics Report
  • Identify Low and high ranked pages
  • Competitor Analysis

Is SSL necessary for website

According to updated Google Algorithm, website must contain SSL certificate. First of all change your website from HTTP to HTTPs . According to User point of view there is no difference between HTTP and HTTPs but according to Search engine algorithm these are two different URLs but we must have to follow search engine Algorithm. Search engine algorithm automatically redirect traffic to the new url. it’s not a big deal but SSL certificate is more important .

Is website Mobile Optimization necessary

For good rank website must be mobile friendly. Use SEO Optimized theme, Mobile friendly and User Friendly and get good results in SERPs .

How to Increase Website Speed

Website speed is very important point for good rank in search engine results . We can improve load time by decreasing picture size, disable unnecessary plugins, compressing java scripts and CSS files, remove unused CSS and java scripts code and by using site speed increase plugins.  According to Google algorithm , page load time recommended less than 3s.

Google Search Console & Google Analytics Report

We can find many more things related to increase site rank using Google search console and Google Analytics. Like indexing, submitting site map, review of robot.txt, identifying 404 error and crawl error, Identifying high rank URL, Keyword and many more things.