How to build a PBN in 2020

How to build a PBN in 2020

What is a PBN?

The Private Blog Network (PBN) is a network of official websites that you use to build links to your money website (s) in order to achieve a higher ranking in the Google search engine.

A money website is a website that you intend to rank for, that is, the website that actually makes money. It also refers to the client’s website.

In its most basic structure, the end result looks like this:

what is pbn

PBNS stands for ‘PBN Site’ which refers to the website that is part of your private blog network.

The most important detail here is that individual PBN sites are not linked to each other in any way. The idea of ​​a private blog network is that websites appear to be unrelated to each other, so natural links are the opposite of anyone linking from their other websites to their own website.

Is PBN against the google algorithm

Absolutely, Google is going to tell you how to rank only when they advise you to use AdWords. For ranking in organic results, they are the worst source for information.

I would do the same if I were in their place. Tell me why you should rank for free when you earn over 40 billion a year from advertising revenue.

An Introduction to PBN metrics

In older versions of this article, I will introduce metrics such as DA / PA (Moz), TF / CF (Majestic), DR / UR (Ahrefs) – but frankly, this is not the best way to analyze domains.

These metrics represent the power of the domain you are looking at, the real things you need to understand:

Indicates Domains – A metric that shows the number of websites that link to the domain you are looking for. Anything over 30 will fit here.
Backlinks – This is the number of links a website has. If you link to the same website domain 3 times, it will only have 3 backlinks and 1 activity domain. Make sure you check these before purchasing the domain.
How To Check Spam – If using that there are a good number of domains and they are good backlinks, you need to know that the domain has never been used for spam

Best Domain For PBN

Knowing what to look for in domains is only one part of the game, then you need to know where to find domains. How to build a PBN in 2020.

Before we cover that, you need to understand the types of domains to find.

Expired VS Expired
Expired Domain – The domain has dropped completely and is available for registration from any registrar with standard domain registration costs. These are vulnerable and take months to age before linking.

Expired Domain – The domain has reached its expiration date but has been placed by the registrar for auction / sale. These domains retain their age, meaning that if they were registered by the previous owner 5 years ago, it will remain a registered domain for 5 years.

My advice today is that you should only buy expired domains if you do not have a strategy to easily find expired domains and buy them cheap.

Disadvantages of expired domains:

They are vulnerable (i.e. there is a reason it expires and no one else has tried to buy it)
They need age – to get power from these domains, as our test has shown, you need to set up a site and wait at least two months before adding links to get full power from them.
For this reason, I recommend purchasing domains exclusively from auctions or from a broker who uses auctions.

Best Broker For Domain Purchasing
Here are some brokers you can buy at one time or in bulk.

Please note that I have not used these brokers, but at least heard good things from others about all of them.

TBS Solutions

Best Auction Websites For Domain Purchasing
Before scraping became popular, many people bought domains from auctions. These domains expire and are sold after the registrar owner fails to renew it.

You can usually find more powerful domains at auction than scraping because fallen (expired) ones are picked up faster by your competition – if not already purchased during the auction stages. The problem with bidding is that you pay extra to get the first choice.

Some auction sites Links:

Namejet – the probability of finding high-quality options
GoDaddy Auction – Used as a place to buy PBN domains
Namechip Auctions – There are thousands available on the market

Important things to look for when purchasing domains
Private is the first word in PBN. How to build a PBN in 2020.

You can not hide from Google, you just need the links on your websites to see and get power. But you need to make sure that there is no connection between these websites. They must appear independently owned.

This means combining your domain registrars and registration dates when purchasing domains. Don’t always buy from the same. And your name and information for each domain are not in the Whois.

Hosting Tactics For PBN

Now that you have the domain (s), you need to set up the hosting so that you can access your website (s) directly. To prevent Google (or anyone else) from knowing that you own all the websites, you need to put each one in a different hosting account. If they are all hosted on the same server, it is clear that they are all interrelated. This need to separate hosting providers has provoked the popularity of SEO hosting services. The problem with “SEO hosts” is that many of them have footprints that show they are the same provider.

Network Clustering For PBN

Earlier in this guide, we covered hosting and I briefly mentioned that you can host multiple websites on a single hosting plan with zero risks. This is done with clustering.
This is a very professional diagram showing how clustering is the opposite

what is pbn Cluster

You can see the mixed network linking to every money site. Not every PBN site links to every Money site but has a footprint that links across the network. Here is an example:

Pbn Cluster method

PBNS stands for “Private Blog Network Site”.

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How to build a PBN in 2020