Google Seo Guidelines 2020

Google Seo Guidelines 2020

Why is Seo Important For Business

The search engine optimization strategy allows us to plan, design and implements steps that will help us improve our search rankings. SEO is an ongoing process and an essential part of business success. SEO helps to increase brand visibility. SEO will help us to build credibility and credibility as a brand. Organic search is the biggest source of traffic that can help increase our site traffic. This will help us to keep up to date with Google’s updates to its search algorithm. Competing industries can spend large sums of money on paid website traffic. You can buy advertising space, but if you work on a tight budget, SEO is a great way to drive qualified traffic without paying directly to your site. Here we will discuss the best Google Seo Guidelines 2020 .

Best Google Seo Guidelines 2020

How to Focus on User Experience for SEO

SEO experts do a better job of meeting the needs of searchers have a better chance of landing on the front page of search results. In this case, we do anything for the search engines we are doing for searchers. SEO professionals are looking for ways to go beyond the needs of Google and other search engine and improve their user experience. Follow the RankBrain algorithm this is the best way to enhance the user experience and improve the ranking.

How to Write Effective Content for SEO in 2020

You can confuse detailed ideas for blog articles, webinars and every other content that can attract and engage your target audience. For each content you publish, remember the target keyword. This way, you can optimize that content for the keyword, giving you a better chance of ranking that question. Don’t start by choosing your keywords to fit and massaging the content. Start by writing about what you know and care about and what your customer needs to know or find their search quiz useful. Once you are done, you will find that your keywords are already a natural, organic part of your content.

Most Important Points are don’t forget to Optimized these

  • SEO Optimized Page Title
  • SEO Optimized meta description
  • Heading H1,H2, H3 etc
  • Image Optimization

For Seo Optimized Page Title you must pick Keyword with Low competition, High Search Volume and long-tail keyword according to searcher intent.

For Optimized meta description much follow rank brain Algorithm

For heading must use H1 , H2 , H3 heading with target keyword it will improve search engine experience

For image, optimization renames the image with the focus keyword, must edit the image, must use the alt tag.

Make Sure Your Site Is Optimized For Mobile

Google searches from mobile devices are almost 58%. We can say 27.8 billion search queries more performed on mobile than desktop. Once a day 87% of mobile phone users use search engines. if you have a mobile-friendly site 61% are more likely to contact a local business. In 2020 A great SEO tip is to focus more on mobile-friendly websites. From September 2020, Google will switch all websites to mobile-first indexing. It means Google will increase the focus on mobile user experience to evaluate websites on SEO. Make site lightning fast, mobile design should have a responsive web design with a fast page speed so people don’t bounce from your site. If your mobile site delivers a positive experience, you will have more visitors stay on your site longer and even come back as a returning visitor.

Optimize for Voice Search

It is estimated to be 40,000 searches per second, half voice search. So now you know its potential, you are wondering how it works and how to start optimizing your website for voice search. People use more phrases in voice search. Most voice searches are local, if you are a local business or have a target audience in a specific geographic area then this trick is best for your business. Voice searches are often done on the spot with desire and immediate results. More than half of searchers use voice search for basic online searches, creating high-quality, voice search-optimized FAQs can go a long way in ranking your posts. Focus on query-based keywords.

Relevant Landing Pages

Make sure your landing page is relevant to the user’s search intent. It makes sense to rank for keywords for traffic if your landing page does not satisfy user intent. Take the time to find out if the keyword you are targeting and the content you plan to create is consistent with what the user is trying to get from the search. Focus on one CTA per page and do not make extra offers. The more time spent on your page with more attractive conversion ways, the higher the ranking for your page.

Since Google’s BERT update, keyword density has become less important as Google’s crawler bots have become smarter at understanding the site’s content. We no longer need to fill in keywords in our meta descriptions. This means we can now focus on the click-through-rate of meta titles and descriptions, so we’re more focused on attracting the customer with the sales language than filling in the available letters with keywords.

Internal & External Links

Internal and external connectivity is a sign of a healthy and authentic website according to google. When linking to external sites choose reputable, High domain authority high-quality websites. Linking to your own websites is convenient when writing informative content for your audience. Use the links to back up and improve your content. Always follow the Cluster model to boost your SEO through internal linking. You may also like How to Create SEO Audit Report Without Any Tool

How to Choose Best URL

Choosing the best URLs are another important SEO tip. For search engines and users having short, detailed and organized URLs can help. These type of URLs gives web crawlers more context when it comes to your content, It also helps visitors understand where your website is. Must include your focus keyword, Use hyphens (-) to separate url. use lowercase words in URL Avoid apostrophes (‘) and hashtags (#) Keep your URL five words or less if possible. Above we discuss On-page Google Seo Guidelines 2020

Off PAge SEO Factors

Here we will discuss Off page Best Google Seo Guidelines 2020

  • Outreach Link
  • Guest Posting
  • Web 2.0
  • Social Bookmarking
  • Social Sharing
  • Visual Bookmarking
  • QA/Forum Backlinks
  • Blog Commenting
  • Press Release/News website Backlinks
  • Gov/Edu websites Backlinks
  • PDF/Ebook Backlinks

Best Google Seo Guidelines 2020